Christina Aguilera is one of Americas most popular singers. She has an amazing voice as well as an amazing body and look. Christina Aguilera recorded several music hits starting with the international hit single “Genie in a bottle”.

Christina Aguilera’s look has transformed over the years going from the girls next door look, to a bad girl, extravagant look, to a very stylish look in the present. Just like every person Christina tried to find her own style whenever she passed through certain stages in life. Presently she is one of the most stylish celebrities, wearing her clothes fashionably and with good taste.

Christina’s present look is very trendy and glamorous, having a certain vintage feel. She is certainly a celebrity which can be a role model. She has a unique style, a style which isn’t copycatting anyone. It is a style that suites her perfectly and which matches with the current fashion trends.

Here is her style from A to Z:

Fashion style

Christina has a unique fashion style which suits her personality well. She is a person who doesn’t just stick to one style. She has been seen wearing vintage glamorous dresses, sporty outfits, feminine modern and sensual outfits as well as futuristic influenced clothes. She always likes to add a touch of color to her outfit, to make them look happier.

Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera Casual


Christina has changes her hairstyle often. She mostly kept her tresses long as long hair best suites her. Christina has been seen with blonde tresses for many years after which she decided to turn to raven black hair color.

It seems that blonde and black hair color work for her. Presently her hair is again platinum blonde, a hair color which enhances and does her justice in every way. She opted for bangs because they help frame her face beautifully and turn attention towards her gorgeous blue eyes. Her hairstyles vary depending on occasion, from straight to loose curly to pulled up hairstyles. No matter the style she chooses she always looks her best.

Christina Aguilera Curls Christina Aguilera Straight hair


Christina looks incredible with make-up and she definitely knows how to wear it. The make-up she is currently using is very simple, it is one of the latest and simplest make-up styles. She uses a foundation which offers her coverage but does not look heavy. She chooses her blush according to her make-up, she uses it to give a better definition to her cheekbones.

For the eyes she likes to use black eyeliner which is slightly winged around the outer corner of the eye to create a more glamorous, vintage and sophisticated look. Her eyelid is either bare or colored with a neutral shade to maintain the make-ups simplicity. The eyelashes are curled and coated heavily with mascara. False eyelashes are a great option for defining the eyes.

As far as her lips go she seems to have fallen in love with red or neon pink lips. Both lipstick colors look great on Christina especially because of the color of her complexion.

Christina Aguilera Make-up Christina Aguilera