We are used to seeing celebrities all the time so their age doesn’t really come to mind, but when it does some might be shocked. It is well known that celebrities have access to the best of everything, and cosmetic treatments are no exceptions but still, some celebrities don’t seas to amaze when it comes to their age and appearance.

We live in a world where physical aspect is of great importance and women would give almost anything to look young for as long as possible. Celebrities spend a lot of money to look as good as they do and train regularly to maintain a healthy condition so no wonder some look as great as they do even after the age of 50. Here are a few celebrities over 50 who still look stunning and stylish:

Sharon Stone Sharon Stone was born on March 10th 1958, and at the age of 51 she still looks unbelievable. She is a woman who seems to have kept her beauty intact. Her facial features and gorgeous body are envied by many women, so she must be one of the luckiest women on earth for looking as she does.

Sharon Stone 2009 Sharon Stone

Iman Iman, known for her modeling career and wedding with David Bowie looks as spectacular as she did when she was in her 20’s. She has maintained her beautiful figure as well as her gorgeous facial features in a way most women could only wish. At the age of 54, since she was born in July 25th 1955, she has a look worth envying.

Iman 2009 Iman

Madonna Madonna is internationally known for her talent as well as beautiful figure. She has managed to maintain her beautiful figure after all this years and at the age of 51, born in august 16th 1958, she looks incredibly fit and gorgeous.

Madonna 2009 madonna