When it comes to celebrity style, no one does it better than Patricia Fields. The New York stylist from Sex and the City, Ugly Betty and The Devil Wears Prada is known all over the world for her fashion expertise and style.

Her success was even officially awarded, being acknowledged by the American Academy and winning an Emmy Award prize as a costume designer.

Of course, many people think of her only as Sex and the City costume designer, but she’s not only into designing costumes. Among many other things Patricia Fields does, she also dresses Coca Cola bottles! She designed four limited-edition Diet Coke bottles, some very bold, bright and colorful works of art. These are to be sold exclusively at Selfridges, the popular London department store.

Celebrity Stylist Patricia Field

As she’s more and more involved in the fashion world, Patricia Fields took one step further when organizing and designing the 50 piece collection called Destination Style New York. One of the most commented and well-known piece was the white dress Carrie is wearing in the opening scene of Sex and the City movie.

No wonder that for her work on Sex and the City, celebrity stylist Patricia Field was nominated for 5 Emmy Awards, with one win, and nominated for 6 Costume Designers Guild Awards, with 4 wins. Ever since, Patricia Field has been in constant demand by some high society clientele.

She was actively involved not only in the SATC, but in The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and she also appeared as the first guest judge during the first season of the Bravo reality television series Project Runway.

Even if, as she herself admits it, gathers garments from other designers’ ready-to-wear collections rather than creating them herself, she is a trendsetter in fashion industry.