Rework your look and complete it with the latest accessories. There were indeed some shoe trends that intrigued and also revolted the world through the history of fashion designing. Over-the-knee boots are indeed associated with a mass dominating still pretty alternative subculture that would crown it as the best style item to highlight foxy curves and sex-appeal. However it seems that through time designers managed to come up with a unique perspective that isolates these shoes from the too-flashy trends embedding it into stylish casual chic and even red carpet outfits. Learning how to pierce these boots into your A/W outfit might indeed need some help from the style icons of our times. The celebrity over-the-knee boots trend offers us an insight into the most challenging accessorizing projects in modern fashion. Grab your boots hidden at the bottom of your wardrobe and try wearing them with confidence and attitude taking as the best blueprint the looks below.

There’s no need to adopt the seductress attitude in order to rock the over-the-knee boots trend. Instead leave the door open for brand new style inventions and perspectives in order to find as many as possible outfit alternatives that would host this accessory. Those who are mesmerized and fascinated by a fashion challenge with have the privilege to live out their style fantasies by pairing these boots with both formal as well as casual chic outfits. Look through the endless designs shoe creators provide you with. Spot the right shade be it a bright one or a neutral earth tone as well as the refined fabric that can also contribute to the overall atmosphere of your apparel.

Suede and leather are only some of the most prominent material used to create these stylish shoes. Indeed besides keeping your feet warm for the rainy days these would also add some length and definition to your legs creating the illusion of a polished and dainty silhouette.No wonder celebrities were intrigued to sport the most stylish and classy over-the-knee-boots as these would help them land on the best dressed and if not at least the most eye-catching outfit list.

CiaraLeona LewisRihannaLindsay Lohan

Celebrities were also keen to charm their fans with an over-the-knees boots outfit also on special events as well as the red carpet. In spite of the controversy that this shoe trend have generated in the past, nowadays it turns out to be and ideal alternative to complete a perfectly structured and body-conscious outfit. Challenge your fashion skills to a fabulous wardrobe updating process and embed the stylish boots in your A-list autumn outfit and make sure you pick the right design that would suit your preferences as well as body shape. One of the great style pro tricks celebs also use is to pair the right shade of the boots with the chromatic structure of your outfit.

One of the style alternatives to try is indeed to match your boots with pants of a contrastive color in order to shift the attention to your legs. On the other hand if you are more of a shy person make sure you choose shoes in the same shade to blend the boots into the overall apparel. In this case you’ll be able to preserve the fine and uniform line of your whole appearance embracing a more restrained and classy approach to this versatile and fabulous accessory.May the chic celebrity looks below serve you with the best inspiration to ride this style wave with class and mastery.

Katerina GrahamAudrina PatridgeMiley CyrusKim Kardashian