No doubt accessories also go through a radical change however some designers stick to the traditions and maintain the well-defined and high brow look of clothing items as leggings. The runway offers a versatile cavalcade of variations from the plain and classy leather leggings to the more revolutionary and alternative tie dye as well as cutout designs. Though some of these launched real controversies among fashion critics it is still advisable to look through the endless style icons and prominent figures who fuel the strong reputation of this tendency. Celebrity leggings fashion wobble between the extremes of edgy looks to the restrained and standard tailoring. Find your top leggings by spying on socialites who add their unique allure to these A-list accessories.

Jessica Alba Jessica Szohr

Classic Leggings: Adopting neutral or more versatile tones classic leggings are sported by celebrities as Jessica Alba and Jessica Szohr in order to create a more feminine and moderate appearance. Be it cotton or denim the point is to pair it with stylish flats or high heels that would add some length and dimension to the legs and implicitly the whole silhouette. Sack and sweater dresses as well as maxi shirts look stunning in fusion with the youthful funk of leggings. Pick this variation if you would like to stand out from the crowd through your worth-admiring assets as long and toned legs.

Tie Dye: The classic ’60s style technique mesmerized also celebrities. Adopting this movement indeed requires courage and also a refined style-consciousness. In this case those who offer the perfect example on how to embed this accessory into our wardrobe are undoubtedly two of the rising style icons. Rihanna in blue, Drew Barrymore in green illustrate how this tendency can be embraced when paired with the perfect elements. The white shirt or tee would balance the vibrating optical effect of the leggings and would add some femininity and a sporty still classy air to the whole outfit. Choosing some statement sunglasses would also prove to be an ingenious idea.

Rihanna Drew Barrymore Erin Wasson Lady Gaga

Cutout Leggings: One of the most distinguished and surprising style inventions in the art of leggings as well as dresses is the cutout trend. Shepherding the heritage of the ripped jeans movement, these accessories are decorated with structured or random rips of holes that would radiate a body-conscious as well as unique approach to fashion. Flashing the skin in a similar subtle and more alternative manner would also attract immediate attention still would leave the wearer with the confidence of sporting a cheeky apparel. Erin Wasson and Lady Gaga are not afraid of the disarming gaze, those who would like to follow their footsteps should include cutout leggings into the must try style trends for the upcoming season.

Blake Lively Ke$sha

Leather Leggings: You just can’t sweep leather leggings under the carpet when it comes of rock chic as well as figure-flaunting outfits. It seems that both older celebrities with an age-defying look as well as young celebrities as Blake Lively and Ke$ha popularize the trend with great pleasure and confidence. Deciding upon wearing the plain leather looks or the patched and studded designs will all offer the chance to arm yourself up with a universal accessory that can be pierced into a classic ‘good girl’ style red carpet look as well as a more edgy and renegade image. The must have high heels will bring out the best of your legs and would also add a high brow flair to your outfit no matter of the nature of the event.