It’s all about the fame and money, probably not! However it seems that great celebrities have also a hidden and later efficiently explored talent for creating clothes and even whole collections inspired by their own unique style. These sooner or later enjoy public praise which induces them to continue their career in this domain.

There’s nothing surprising in the fact that prominent figures both from Hollywood and even the catwalk engage into a long and fabulous process of designing. However it seems that some might wear these clothes without actually being aware of the mastermind who stands behind a certain brand. That’s why it is essential to learn more about the celebrity fashion designers and their worth-admiring works. Here are the most successful socialites who launched their own lines.

Victoria Beckham

It’s not a novelty that Victoria Beckham is considered a real trendsetter among celebrities. Indeed it was only matter of time to start designing her own collection. Starting her career back in 2007 with a denim collection was only the first crumb for a new career.

This year was also an ultra-successful and fruitful one for the aspiring creator to present her own reveries of ‘Posh’ dresses. As the collections follow each other it became obvious that her activity goes through a lot of improvement peaking in the Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2010 collection at the New York Fashion Week.

Sienna Miller

The young Brit actress has a long history in fashion designing, together with her sister Savannah. Indeed she is one of the celebrities who had the chance to design and later launch her own line for Pepe Jeans.

Called after her birth date Twenty8Twelve it is inspired by her unique attitude towards fashion the Boho and Grunge outfit cavalcades she sports and also their childhood. 2009 was also a milestone for the former model sister and Sienna Miller who launched their next line of Twent8Twelve lining up real inspiring looks and style fantasies on the catwalk.

Gwen Stefani

Those who are fond of fresh and innovative fashion lines will sure met the label L.A.M.B. owned by the ultra-popular singer and style icon Gwen Stefani. Besides the basic clothing pieces the collection encompasses accessories, bags,watches, chic shoes and also overwhelming fragrances. The world became familiarized with the ultra-productive line already in 2004.

It was undoubtedly a tribute to the Asian and South American fashion trends portraying non-conformist and revolutionary style ideas. The multitude of chromatic combination and the bulky patterns all characterized the L.A.M.B. brand. Gwen reserves some surprises for the LAMB Spring 2010 collection which elaborates a more feminine and tailored fashion orchestra paired with the Rock chic makeup and killer heels.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake earned the respect of fashion gurus not only for being one of the most stylish celebrities but also for his debut as a rising designer. Indeed teaming up with partner Trace Ayala they founded the clothing line entitled ‘William Rast’ back in 2005.

Besides following his busy singing and acting schedule Justin managed to compose her unique and inspiring pieces that are really wearable and up to date with the latest tendencies in fashion. Those who are fascinated by this lifestyle line and the fashionable jeans, jackets, tees and sweaters the label promotes should wait for Fall 2010 for the next great collection.

Lauren Conrad

‘The Hills’ starlet undoubtedly deserves the public appreciations of both fans and the fashion industry. Establishing her strong and unmistakable reputation as a style icon, already in 2008 she set the foundation for a great designer career. The LC or Lauren Conrad Collection presented during the Mercedes Benz L.A. Fashion Week marked her breath-taking entrée into the world of great style gurus.

As she claims her childhood served as the perfect source for inspiration that gave birth to a line of glamorous dresses that combine the cosmopolitan aspect of big city life with the finesse of the feminine noblesse. Recently the fans can admire her Fall LC Lauren Conrad Collection For Kohl’s. A line that promotes the beauty of light and breezy fabrics as well as strapless and fabulous dresses as well as casual wear as skinny jeans and sweaters.