While many celebrities stick to underwear for photoshoots or even when performing for their fans, the bottomless look isn’t as appropriate for street style. Taking something off before you leave the house is great fashion advice from Coco Chanel, but the style icon was not thinking about pants when she said that.

See the celebs who seem to be confused about what constitutes an outfit, whether it’s a sweater, a shirt or a tee.


The Barbados born singer seems to have a problem with both tops and bottoms. Rihanna was banned from Instagram for not keeping her breasts covered, but she also seems to think that you don’t need any pants when you walk out of the house. 

Rihanna No Pants Looks

When she’s not wearing short shirts as dresses, she’s giving the paparazzi the perfect camel toe shot.


Kesha No Pants Look

Kesha is also one of the celebrities who forgot to wear pants, but she also seems to have issues with underwear. She’s been photographed wearing a top as a full outfit, but her “proudest” moment was at the 2013 Billboard Awards where she wore a short dress with a very revealing side split.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga No Pants Look

Another fan of the “man shirt as a dress” trend, Lady Gaga definitely considers pants optional. Her daring stage outfits are one thing, but the singer doesn’t believe she needs a bottom even when she’s in public, signing autographs for her fans or being followed by the paparazzi.

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus No Pants

Skimpy outfits have contributed to Miley Cyrus’ transition from Disney star to a real pop sensation, but she seems to follow the trends set by celebrities who forgot to wear pants. She even appeared on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” wearing just a shirt as a complete outfit.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson No Pants Look

Singer, actress and entrepreneur Jessica Simpson turned into a sex symbol thanks to her Daisy Dukes, but sometimes she feels that even those are a bottom that covers too much. Thinking that a turtleneck sweater covers enough skin that she can skin wearing pants, she was photographed wearing it as a complete outfit.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson No Pants Look

One of the worst things that celebrities who forgot to wear pants do is try to cover their lack of a bottom by wearing big shoes. Kate Hudson may have been excused for wearing a super short summer dress without pants if it was for comfort reasons, but she also accessorized it with Uggs.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift No Pants Look

Wearing a white shirt with black pantyhose and a hat was a look that Taylor Swift thought she could pull off in public. While leggings and a shirt is a look that can definitely pass for complete, pantyhose don’t count as a bottom in the real world.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora No Pants Look

One of the biggest British celebrities who forgot to wear pants more than once, singer Rita Ora also goes for the “sexy” look when she’s off stage. Wearing what looks like an oversized priest’s shirt still doesn’t qualify as an outfit, despite suede boots and a coat handing off your shoulder.

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan No Pants Look

One of the Hollywood starlets who’s been photographed more than once without underwear, Lindsay Lohan also seems to have a pants allergy. At least she managed to put on some underwear when she went out wearing just a shirt, paired with ankle booties and a big bag.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson No Pants Look

After posing for Playboy many times and being the star of her own sex tape, few people are surprised that Pamela Anderson is one of the celebrities who forgot to wear pants. However, she’s not even going for the white shirt look, instead opting for a tee and orange and black short shorts.

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen No Pants Look

The Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen is well known for her small on stage outfits, but she’s also been photographed without a bottom in her free time. She’s definitely one of the celebrities who forgot to wear pants, even if her idea of an outfit consists of more than a shirt. When the high part of your high-low dress would reveal your underwear if you as much as raise and elbow, you definitely need a bottom to go with that.