Family business is not a novelty in the world of fashion. The House of Dereon is indeed one of the most beloved brands having as masterminds Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles. The collection this time however line up a multitude of temporary tattoos illustrated on the sylph-like body of the designer singer who adapted a brand new and more alternative look to make the photoshoot and ad even more authentic. This time Temptu the famous airbrush makeup company offers the proper backup to make the whole project extremely sight-pleasing and unique in itself.

Tina Knowles claims to WWD that: “With a Sixties-pinup-girl meets-futuristic-biker-chick theme, Beyoncé and I really wanted to give our Deréon fall 2010 campaign a tough edginess,”. They really succeeded in realizing their goal and offerd the fans and consumers the chance to draw some inspiration from these fabulous designs that can be easily copycatted and turned into real life body art. Take a glimpse at how Beyonce is turned into new Temptu tattoo model for the fall 2010 Dereon campaign.

Those who are mesmerized by the beauty of these stylish and meaningful temporary tattoos will have the privilege to have them in different packages. The deluxe package includes the basic kit and also an extra surprise namely a signed photo of the diva as well as the opportunity to win a trip to NY for a cool photo shoot. On the other hand those who are pleased only with the basic kit will enjoy the pleasure of choosing from 10 tattoo application pads and also 8 tattoo designs.

Additional you’ll benefit of three kit designs presenting the image of Beyonce during the shooting of the fall 2010 Dereon ad campaign. Take advantage of the generous offer and explore the benefits of temporary tattoos offered by a valued company, Temptu which allows you to decorate your skin without having to make a life-long commitment to the various designs.

First Temptu considered creating these tattoos only for the special ad, later however they decided to sell these stylish designs to ardent admirers of both Dereon as well as temporary tattoo art. The main designs you’ll find in the basic kit include rocker bolts, jewelry, chains, spiders as well as the trademark fleur icon to make the collection even more meaningful.

Fans who wish to cover their skin with these stylish Temptu tattoos inspired by the fall/winter 2010 ad campaign of Dereon will have the chance to get hold of the faddish designs from various places. The basic kit will be offered to you by, as well as at the uber-generous price of $16. Whereas the deluxe and limited edition however would be available only at the latter two online stores for $34.