Apparently, Beyonce is more than comfortable in her own skin as she isn’t shy to display her curves in sexy bridal lingerie for her new video “Best Thing I Never Had”. In the video, Beyonce shows her romantic side and gives her fans a view of what B’s wedding day might have looked like, as her wedding day to rapper Jay-Z was top secret and so far nothing has been revealed.

In the song Beyonce talks about meeting the right one after being mistreated by her date at the prom. She shares her joy over making the right choice and leaving the wrong man, decision which led to her meeting her prince who treats her right. The entire story is very romantic, yet a bit sour at the same time, and definitely shows the sexy, yet still romantic side of Beyonce.

Beyonce in Bridal Lingerie Agent Provocateur Beyonce Lingerie in The Best Thing I Never Had Beyonce Bridal Beauty in The Best Thing I Never Had

The video scenes feature a bold, confident and sexy Beyonce as she dares to appear in sexy bridal lingerie by Agent Provocateur. Beyonce wears a sheer white corset with lace detail bottoms, suspenders and garter, and gives her fans a flash of what only her husband had the pleasure of seeing on their wedding day. Beyonce shows the preparations for her wedding with the man that treats her right, and she even dons two wedding dresses!

The video gives you a hint on how Beyonce could have looked like at her own, real-life wedding to Jay-Z, as when she tied the knot she wanted to keep things private and she did. The new video “Best Thing I Never Had” is the second single from her latest album “4” which was titled after Beyonce’s lucky number, is definitely on the opposite side as far as boldness goes compared to her video for “Run The World (Girls)” and reveals a more Beyonce style rather than her alter ego Sasha Fierce.

“Best Thing I Never Had” has the same style as her hit single “Irreplaceable” which showed once again Beyonce’s strong view on girl power and confidence. Beyonce inspires women all over the world by showing that all women are beautiful and should be comfortable in their own skin and power, so check out her latest video and share your opinion on it!

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