Beth Ditto demonstrated that you don’t have to be a super-twiggy model to become one of the ace muses of fashion gurus. With her mesmerizing yet daring attitude she provoked the large audience to accept curvy forms and over-sized beauty.

Posing nude for the mainstream LOVE Magazine was only one of her brave moves. She was also given cold shoulder for encouraging an inhibition-free attitude, outspokenness, ‘parameter consciousness’ and activism.

The Gossip lead singer shoots out moxie and sensuality when it comes of these looks. Wild on stage, classy on the red carpet and groovy in the weekends. The perfect combo for a rising star on the sky of fashion icons.

Whether it comes of killer shoes or smashing ultra-cropped dresses and sure that uniquely dazzling makeup Beth frames her own chromatic and imperial style symphonies.

Swearing on the magical power of accessories as tights, belts, the ‘must have’ eyeliner and vintage cardigans, the singer-songwriter knows exactly how to make real stuff happen.

Beth Ditto seems to find jumbo pleasure in pulling off gripping and mass-intriguing looks. This is in fact the secret password to enter the heaven of semi-god designers and golden brands.

As the all-time presence of fashion shows, she’s up to date with the newest trends. Beth however symphatises with the extreme creations, as usual constantly flashing her Standing in the Way of Control creed.

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