When it comes to plus sizes, nothing can be as disturbing as not finding the suitable sizes for you! Well, Beth Ditto’s plus size fashion collection is reply for extra-small clothes are now available. She released her plus size fashion line.

The Gossip singer, Florida native, has created a funny, colorful and very much ’80s inspired lone of clothes.

The collection draws from Beth’s personal style, with lots of sequins and sparkle and plenty of those ’80s references that we’ve been seeing so much of. Her clothes are mostly available in Evans, a British plus size store, the perfect place to sell your clothes if they come in sizes from 14 to 32 (this means 10 to 24 in the U.S. equivalent).

Beth ditto Plus Size Line

Beth Ditto’s plus size fashion collection is cute, cheerful and a true explosion of colors, just like the 80s. Her collection includes clothes, accessories and shoes. Let us be more specific: casual and formal pieces feature embellished graphic designs, oversized knitwear, draped jersey tops and dresses.

The Beth Ditto plus size fashion collection has the accents of a certain vintage perspective, while also mixing some rock ‘n roll attitude. This is a spontaneous collection, with a fresh and daring vision, even if it’s dedicated to all plus women. After all, everyone has the right to feel and act sexy, right?

Beth Ditto Plus Size clothes

It was about time that Beth Ditto has signed up with the UK Topshop parent company, Arcadia Group to speak in the name and for all plus size women all around the world.

Beth Ditto Fashion LineBeth Ditto Plus Size Fashion Collection