A well sculpted body is a magnet for the eyes and it seems that women are trying their best to reach the body shape of their dreams. The best celebrity beach bodies are making headlines as everyone likes to admire a beautiful feminine body. Celebrities pay a great amount of attention to their physical appearance as image is very important in the entertainment business.

Everyone whether men or women love to admire a beautiful body and celebrities can be the best and most attractive source that people can have. Celebrities are always in the spotlight so they attract attention from people all over the world. Because having a muse can aid greatly when it comes to weight loss and body toning, we have selected some of the most sexy celebrity beach bodies from which you can choose one or several as a source of inspiration:


Everyone seems to love Rihanna for her talent as well as for her incredible style and body. Rihanna seems to have been blessed with natural beauty, gorgeous feminine facial features and a body to envy. People have always appreciated a women with curves and Rihanna seems to be the perfect pattern for a woman with curves. Femininity is most of the times associated with a curvaceous body.

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson, the blonde bombshell glamour model and television personality is greatly admired for her gorgeous body. Kendra appeared in several nude pictorials, so she is definitely a hottie. This “Girl Next Door” girl has an amazingly athletic body, perfectly proportioned and feminine. Indeed, a gorgeous body worthy of admiration.

Riri kendra

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is well known for her beauty and feminine style. A woman who steps out of the 90-60-90 proportions, Kim manages to show that a curvy woman can also look hot. Several studies performed show that men prefer a woman with curves rather than a skinny woman as curvy is feminine and a magnet for attention. Kim Kardashian definitely has a beach body which she proudly shows off.

Demi Moore

Well what else is there to say as Demi is definitely hot. Demi Moore managed to show that you can have an enviable beach body at any age and it seems that she is a perfect source of inspiration for all women. Sexy, confident, beautiful and with a well sculpted body to kill, Demi stands out by far when it comes to hotness.

Kim demi

Bar Rafaeli

One of the hottest supermodels, Bar Rafaeli shows the beauty of a woman’s body. Supermodels have always been admired for their body and it seems that Bar Rafaeli doesn’t fall out of this category. A perfectly sculpted body to envy, Bar Rafaeli can definitely act as a great source of inspiration for the perfect beach body.

Do take these gorgeous celebrities in consideration when in search of a beach body muse as they are hot and beautiful women worthy of admiration.