Many stars get on the best dressed list by going for timeless elegance and sticking to what they know works for them, but others get style points from fashion critics by being unique and taking risks instead of simply choosing a perfectly tailored suit.

See a few of the best dressed men in Hollywood, some more daring than others, but all of them worthy of praise for their great style choices, from the red carpet to their personal lives.

Tom Hiddleston

Coming in at number 2 in a top made by the British edition of GQ Magazine, Tom Hiddleston certainly has a unique style that helps him stand out on the red carpet among bigger stars. With a preference for slim and dark suits with modern lines, Hiddleston has certainly managed to eclipse many of his co-stars in the wardrobe department.

Tom Hiddleston

Justin Timberlake

The only singer who could get away with writing a song about ties, Justin Timberlake picked up many style elements from older stars, but always adds his personal touch for a unique geek chic vibe. Justin’s combination of dapper and fresh makes him one of the best dressed men in Hollywood.

Justin Timberlake Style

George Clooney

If you’re looking for an A-lister who’d be considered just as well dressed today as 50 years ago, George Clooney is the star who pulls off the timeless look best. He may not take many fashion risks, but every time he makes a public appearance his look is always well put together, and Clooney wears a suit like few other men can.

George Clooney Style

Jared Leto

One of the best dressed men in Hollywood, if the recent award season is any indication, Jared Leto can pull of the rebel look as easily as the polished tuxedo. Injecting the rock and roll spirit into formal wear, even if it’s just by wearing his long hair down and contrasting it with a white jacket, definitely creates an interesting look.

Jared Leto Style

Pharrell Williams

Few men are as fashion-savvy as Pharrell. The singer even managed to make an ugly over-sized hat look cool this past year. Drawing influences from street style and mixing them with high fashion, Pharrell even pulled off the short suit look at the 2014 Academy Awards.

Pharrell Williams Style

Matthew McConaughey

He’s come a long way from playing bongos nude, and McConaughey has managed to become one of the best dressed men in Hollywood.

Matthew Mc Conaughey Style

Showing off that you don’t have to conform to make the best dressed list, Matthew McConaughey does elegance suited to his personality, which leads to many great looks.

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Johnny Depp

The poster boy for boho-chic, Johnny Depp brings a lot to his red carpet looks that other A-listers couldn’t pull off. His hat and scarves turned him into a fashion icon, and Depp knows how to work the red carpet without abandoning his unique style.

Johnny Depp Style

Brad Pitt

Brad became one of the best dressed men in Hollywood when he was still dating Jennifer Aniston, but Angelina Jolie helped him reach his true style potential. It helps that everything looks good on Brad Pitt, but confidence is the key to pulling off some risky trends in a sophisticated way.

Brad Pitt Style

Bradley Cooper

When it comes to dapper looks, Bradley Cooper seems to have mastered the red carpet look that’s both elegant and gives off a casual vibe. He was named the “sexiest man alive” in 2011 by People magazine, and that title had a lot to do with his style.

Bradley Cooper Style

Jon Hamm

Sticking to retro looks as Don Draper on “Mad Men”, Jon Hamm is also one of the best dressed men in Hollywood in his free time.

Jon Hamm Style

Mixing masculine pieces in a daring way makes Hamm’s style feel fresh and he’s also one of the A-listers who look good in any suit.

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Tom Hardy

Another British actor who often comes up in best dressed lists, Tom Hardy goes for a modern take on elegance, with slim suits that always look perfectly tailored and effortless, even when he’s sporting a hobo beard.

Tom Hardy Style

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Few stars under 30 can rock a bow tie like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and his modern style based on timeless masculine looks makes him one of the best dressed men in Hollywood. He was Esquire magazine’s Best Dressed Man of 2012, and he’s still got the magic red carpet touch, whether he’s wearing a tuxedo or a more casual suit.

Joseph Gordon Levitt Style

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