With the help of risk-taking costume designers, more and more TV characters are starting trends and setting a high bar when it comes to gorgeous fashion.

Discover best dressed characters on TV and find out what each of them brings to the table. From retro looks that spark your imagination to fashionistas that improve upon the latest trends, here are the TV characters that really make an impact on fashion.

Olivia Pope – Scandal

Kerry Washington is already turning into a style icon on the red carpet, but it all started with her character on “Scandal”. Costume designer Lyn Paolo pushed for some of Olivia’s best white looks, which helped her become the best dressed woman in both fictional and real D.C. 

Olivia Pope Best Dressed Tv Character

Olivia’s style mixes both fantastic power suits and perfect designer gowns, along with unique jewelry.

Jess Day – New Girl

Jess Day New Girl Best Dressed Tv Character

Zooey Deschanel’s character on “New Girl” has been called a hipster fashion icon, but Jess Day is actually one of the best dressed characters on TV because her wardrobe portrays her quirky earnestness. With quirky prints and vintage designs, Jess is a true contender for TV’s best dressed nerdy girl.

Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen Best Dressed Tv Character

Emilia Clarke’s wardrobe on “Game of Thrones”, styled by Emmy winner Michele Clapton, mixes gorgeous dresses with more masculine influenced pieces, and the effect is stunning. With the help of her iconic braids, Daenerys Targaryen is definitely worthy of a place among TV’s biggest fashionistas. While Cersei Lannister may get the most sophisticated gowns, Daenerys’ style is the truly unforgettable.

Alicia Florrick – The Good Wife

Alicia Florrick The Good Wife Style

Olivia Pope may rule the capital, but Chicago is Alicia Florick’s territory. The lawyer played by Julianna Margulies has already expressed herself through power suits and coats, but her style evolution continues as she’s involved in running her own law firm. Alicia Florick is definitely one of the best dressed characters on TV, and her fashion choices are becoming even more daring in the drama’s sixth season.

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Dr. Mindy Lahiri – The Mindy Project

Dr. Mindy Lahiri Fashion Style

If there’s one spiritual successor to Carrie Bradshaw’s fearlessness, that has to be Mindy Kaling’s character on the sitcom she created. The OBGYN’s bright outfits and her courage when it comes to mixing prints make her an inspiration to many fashionistas. Mindy’s outfits are always trendy, but they also feature retro and timeless lines.

Lady Mary Crawley – Downton Abbey

Lady Mary Crawley Fashion Style

Definitely one of the best dressed characters on TV, Lady Mary Crawley may not be the best fashion inspiration for a modern wardrobe, but her style still seems timeless. Played by Michelle Dockery, who gets to have a lot of fun with the lavish wardrobe, Mary Crawley represents a bygone era of fashion, one of empire-waist gowns and gorgeous hats.

Claire Underwood – House of Cards

Claire Underwood Style From House Of Cards

With perfect tailoring and sophisticated, yet understated silhouettes, Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood gives Olivia Pope a run for her money when it comes to Washington D.C. style. Her power suit uniform, along with dresses in classic and powerful silhouettes make her a top contender for TV fashion trendsetters.

Joan Harris – Mad Men

Joan Harris Mad Men Style

Jessica Paré’s Megan wardrobe showcases some of the best fashions of the ‘60s, but Christina Hendricks play Joan Harris in a style league of her own, as one of the best dressed characters on TV. Costume designer Janie Bryant often uses rose prints to help highlight Joan’ emotional state, but her strong color palette and gorgeous tailoring make her wardrobe stand out even without the thematic relevance.

Emily Thorne – Revenge

Emily Thorne Style In Revenge

Mixing preppy fashion with stunning gowns, Emily Thorne is the style icon of “Revenge”. Emily VanCamp’s character may have a lot of soapy storylines, but her style is never cheesy.

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Hannibal – Hannibal

Hannibal Lecter Best Dressed Male Character

Definitely one of the best dressed characters on TV, Hannibal wears a suit like no other character, including Don Draper. Mads Mikkelsen enjoys a very expensive looking wardrobe on the show, and his character’s style redefines the meaning of elegance for men.