Alexa Chung sits down for an exclusive interview with Lifestyle Mirror and dishes on a wide range of topics including her personal style, her new TV show, and her favorite New York hot spots. The 28-year-old British It-girl, who has always been famous for her unique and enviable appearances, says that there’s no use on stressing out about clothes. “I’ve been like, I look like a grandma or a five year old. But, now I’m growing up a bit… [points at her outfit] she says wearing a schoolgirl uniform. Lots of different things inspire me. It’s just clothes, isn’t it, at the end of the day? That’s what occurred to me recently. It all got a bit serious for a minute, and then I was like, it’s just f*****g clothes you know? Stressing out about what to wear and then I’m like, I don’t really give a sh*t! So I just wear black jeans, a navy blue jumper, and Chelsea boots,” Alexa explains.

On whether her style has changed since living in the States, Chung reveals that, “No, I don’t think my style changed when I moved here. If anything, it became more British. Because I realized what I loved about where I was from, and unless you’re taken out of that environment you don’t really get a perspective on it.”

Speaking about the difference between British and American style Alexa told Lifestyle Mirror that, “There’s definitely a fundamental difference in British style and American. I appreciate both of them and I love the proper Americana kind of denim. And I love walking around the East Village and seeing all the girls and how they dress. Definitely Brooklyn style is amazing as well, that kind of classic hipster vibe. In Britain, there’s so much to draw from in terms of history and you’ve got Savile Row and tailoring. You’ve got these bright lights of fashion like Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane. There’s such a rich heritage there that has always celebrated eccentricity and being individual.” “But I do think inherently British people are really good at expressing themselves, not worrying what other people think and being a bit quirkier. Whereas, maybe, in America it’s different. Everyone looks a bit more polished and put together and that’s really beautiful too.”

On playing herself in the latest series of Gossip Girl, Alexa confesses that, “I didn’t think it would be really scary at all because I did so much TV presenting. Obviously, that’s an entire different discipline to acting. But, my role was to be myself. I still found it impossible. I got asked to do Gossip Girl and I used to really like that show, and I thought it would be quite fun. But I kept looking in the camera, which is rule one of acting! Don’t stare down the barrel. But it was a fun day.”

Alexa Chung will co-host Fuse News, a daily live music news show on cable channel Fuse, co-anchored by Ashanti, Jack Osbourne, and Elaine Moran. “I’m just about to start a new TV show for Fuse called Fuse News. It’s basically a daily roundup of all the music news you need. So it’s every genre, it could be hip-hop to folk music and everything in between. There are four anchors on the show: myself, Ashanti, Elaine Moran, and Jack Osbourne,” she told Lifestyle Mirror.

Chung admits she was extremely thrilled to make this kind of show. “I was really excited to make a music show. There’s no music left on TV really in America. In England, it still kind of happens on BBC and MTV there is still music based. But here, there was a real lack of music shows, and that’s what I am used to presenting in Britain, so it’s an area I feel comfortable in. And I just was happy that someone was making something I might want to watch,” Alexa says.

Asked whether she is taking any lessons from her show, It’s On With Alexa Chung to the new show, the style icon explains that, “My lesson I learned from It’s On with Alexa Chung is that you can’t control everything. That was a particularly arduous job because it was live for an hour every day and I was the sole host. It was just a lot to take on and I wanted it done in a specific way and I realized that’s not really how it works. So this is definitely a move forward in that it’s a more collaborative process. It’s been more fun in the sense that I’ve got cohosts to interact with.”

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Source and photos: Lifestyle Mirror