Zoë Saldana has been named LensCrafters’ new face and is featured in the brand’s ‘My Look’ campaign. “I think it’s very important to have glasses that sort of reflect or enhance your character,” the actress says in an exclusive clip. “I have the sexy ones, the studious ones … [and being] the girl that I am, I’m also looking for the Jackie Os, or the Audrey Hepburn sort of look.”

Well, since we all know that the right frames don’t just capture your style, but also your personality, it is important to choose the ones that flatter you the most. “People notice eyes first. Frames are a great way to make a statement,” Saldana says. “Why limit yourself to just one pair of frames? The right glasses can make you look and feel like a whole different person,” the 34-year-old ‘Avatar’ actress added. LensCrafters’ unique technology lets you see yourself clearly in different ways so you can feel confident selecting your perfect pair of glasses. Therefore, their latest ‘My Look’ service offers customers the chance to try on four frames and take high-definition photos while wearing each, then use the resulting side-by-side image to pick a favorite. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Lensed by renowned photographer Yu Tsai, Zoë Saldana looks absolutely stunning in the the brand’s campaign. “Dress for you, not others. Your style is always in,” the actress explains. Check out LensCrafters ads and watch a behind-the-scenes video!

Photos courtesy of LensCrafters