Any design requires a generous amount of passion and dedication to look impeccable, and it seems designer Zara Simon has plenty of both, as her new spring/summer 2011 jewelry collection is absolutely delightful. Accessories play a very important role as far as style goes and the tiniest piece of jewelry can have a significant impact over the finished look of an outfit, this is why most women would spend big bucks on their jewelry collection.

The unique and intricate jewelry designs signed Zara Simon can be easily passed on from generation to generation, offering you the opportunity to own stylish accessories which you can enjoy for years.

Zara Simon’s spring/summer 2011 jewelry collection beautifully combines classic designs with a touch of modernism, for a contemporary, yet classic result. The jewelry designs capture a feminine and graceful concept that most women can identify with. The innovative designs which carefully juxtapose classicism with modernism are a magnet when it comes to attracting attention, leaning slightly towards bohemian beauty.

Jewelry has been a major beauty and style aid since ancient times, when women used them to emphasize social status. Since then, styles have evolved, but one style always remains timeless: the classic. Adapting a classic, relatively simple design to suit the contemporary needs is quite difficult, but it seems that Zara Simon has managed to do it so perfectly.

Simple and delicate chain necklaces which feature intricate pendants created using tourmaline, green amethyst, labradorite, blue chalcedony, can be used to underline the beauty of your breezy outfit. Most designs were inspired by the beautiful beaches of Brazil, so the designs are simple bright and beautiful.

In addition to the fab necklaces, Zara Simon has created amazing earrings, bracelets and rings to balance the collection. The bolder designs are meant to stand out and give you that bold, statement look that defines your personality. Most designs feature fabulously colored stones that add that softness that enchants the eye without making the designs look boring.

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