We’re always on the hunt for fabulous, creative items to show off our personality and add an extra interesting touch to our looks. Discovering new talents is always exciting especially when emerging brands make an impressive splash in the fashion industry from the very beginning. London based jewellery label YouTH is one such example as although it was launched just this year, it has already gained massive appreciation from musicians and fashion icons like Lana Del Rey, Kimbra or Bebe Black or cool hunting bloggers like Amanda Shadforth (Oraclefox).

What makes the label so loveable? Lots of things, actually. The willingness to never disconsider a possible source of inspiration and to reveal its full potential, the constant strive to expand our vision and challenge our limits with unique touches, the great attention payed to details or the amazing craftsmanship are just some of the things that come to mind. The label is currently doing a second release of the State of Mind collection and has prepared a fabulous lookbook to present its vision.

Designer and creative director Brooke Persich has enlisted the help of Australian model Larna Puddy for the new lookbook lensed by Lottie Moore. The stunning images illustrate the label’s desire to capture complex themes like “vices and darkness, virtues and the light. Muses and the mad genius’ who loved them, new age rage and ancient mythology” and reflect them in a series of ultra covetable pieces. The efforts to bring the theme to life, so to speak, are certainly impressive: “20 hand painted butterflies, 72 candles, 5 rolls of natural twine and 20 black painted jasmine vines” were needed to capture the spirit of the goodies offered.

Lovers of rock glam vibes and vintage touches will most likely be irremediably mesmerized by the edgy selection of colorful and sophitiscated crystal skull rings caged in antique 14 carat gold or silver settings. Being associated with intuition, spirituality and connection, it’s no wonder the skull symbol has become such a beloved item all across the world. With crystals carved out of natural amethyst, citrine and quartz, the selection is certainly exquisite. The Armour Ring, a rough textured finger length is another great alternative if you’re looking to make a fabulous statement every single time. With so many drool-worthy pieces on display, the temptation to fantasize having them all is proving extremely hard to resist.

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Photo courtesy of YouTH