It’s always hard to decide what clothes will be extremely necessary for your vacation. People tend to pack a lot more than they really need. That’s why it would be advisable to think about the real purpose of the trip and the conditions.

Here are some useful tips to pack the proper clothes for vacation.

It will be easier if you try to imagine the script of the days you spend in vacation. Make a plan in your head about the upcoming weather conditions. Look into your wardrobe and pick an outfit for each day.

Follow a certain order when packing, put the outfit you’ve imagined for the first day on the top. Then the last outfit to the bottom, this way you won’t mix the pieces.

Pack your bag differently if you’re going to a short or a long trip. For a long trip you should pack clothes that match both in color and fabric so that you can combine them without having to pack more outfits.

Choose rather basic colors to wear at the bottom half, this way you’ll have the chance to pair pants with colorful tops.

If you decided to go on an active trip, where you will walk, climb or hike a lot, then think about the durability and comfort of clothes.

In fact dark colored clothes are more practical since they camouflage stains very effectively. If you will hike a lot, pack clothes that are proper for the temperature change. It is recommended to pack some waterproof clothing as well.

It is also useful to be careful with clothes that are not really accepted in different cultures.

In general shorts both at women and men aren’t regarded too classy clothes. Choose rather long pants these will also protect your skin from sunburns.

A classic pair of dark colored (brown, black, blue) jeans are the perfect choice for a guaranteed result.

For a beach holiday you’ll need of course, several swimsuits, to look stylish every day. You can match these with 2-3 pretty sundresses.

Whether you prepare for hot or rainy weather pack a chic jacket and 2-3 tees for every pant. Later you can combine the different outfits. A sweater would be also useful if the weather gets colder. Opt for light and comfortable clothes, tank tops or t-shirts that let your skin breathe.

Choose manageable pieces of clothing, that don’t need ironing – this way you’ll save some time and effort. Also try to concentrate on layering, especially if you’re not sure of the weather conditions.

For a cruise, ladies should first look at the activities the company offers. Swimsuit is essential, however some people would like to try out the fitness or gym classes too. Then try to choose clothes that are proper for this programs. Casual clothes can include sundresses, loose shirts as well as jackets or sweaters for cold nights.