Even though you’re going to be only a guest at the wedding it is equally important to look good. Moreover there are some basic guidelines that can help you in choosing the right outfit. Accessories and other details will also make you the queen of the party if you manage to sport a breath-taking look. The best way to be dressed appropriately for the big event is to look through the basic wedding fashion etiquette.

Be elegant and decent, the best manner to express your respect for the host is to dress properly for the nature of the event. The disco and edgy looks should be postponed for a more informal party.

Avoid wearing tricky fabrics and colors, transparent, leather and mini peek-a-boo dresses should be left at home. The perfect wear would be one that emphasizes your best features still in a refined way.

The majority of brides are offended if the guests wear white. Indeed the color might be too similar especially if you go for the high brow and more glam look.

It is advisable to sport a pure white outfit only if it still has some of that elegance and doesn’t copycat the dress of the bride.

Some brides might consider this act an inappropriate one, since the shade was already occupied and this is a special event for them and their presence should not be suppressed by another person.

A fabulous LBD seems to be still the top choice of many wedding guests. However to overshadow the funeral look, it is worth choosing brighter and cheerful accessories.

A nice colored bag or some jewelry have the ability to jazz up your look. The depressive color should be turned into a classic and enchanting shade. Undoubtedly the colorful cocktail dresses seem to match the daytime weddings more than the evening ones.

If there is a religious service you should consider covering your shoulders especially if you opted for a strapless dress. The dress code requires that you express your respect for the couple if you don’t flash so much skin during the ceremony.

The cleavage should be properly camouflaged as well as the too much leg.

The formality of your dress should be according to the specified dress code on the invitation, meaning black tie, white tie or beach wedding. These guidelines will help you in choosing a more glamorous outfit for a ballroom wedding or a less formal one for a relaxed daytime wedding.