Wearing very enchanting jewelry pieces as charm bracelets is indeed a great trend. In the age of Egyptian Pharaohs this was a real status symbol, at that time flashing your ‘bling’ meant that you have quite a fortune.

Some are wearing them as simple fashion accessories, but some wear charm bracelets for good luck – the name of the jewelry ‘charm’ refers to keeping misfortunes and curses at bay.

Whether you prefer silver or gold, vintage or uber-modern you have quite a wide selection to choose from.

In fact Louis Vuitton was the first brand that rediscovered and gave mass appeal to charm bracelets.

Juicy Couture also joined the club by producing their own Italian charms collection. 2006 was the year of charm bracelets, due to many influences as movies and fashion people started to wear them with different charms as swords and skulls, inspired by the pirate influences.

The most popular brands that create beautiful charm bracelets are Biagi, Chamilia, Lovelinks and Pandora all of them extremely popular in the US as well.

Wear charm Bracelet for Good LuckMeanings of Charm Bracelets

The following charms have all a special meaning:

– horseshoe: attraction and luck – black cat: gambling luck – elephant: happiness and treasure memories – number 13: joy and luck – key: happy home – ballerina: your dreams will come true

Asos Charm Bracelet 1Asos Charm Bracelet 2

As enthusiasts claim, making a charm bracelet is a longer process. Indeed there are several people who begin to collect charms from their childhood. As they grow older, they attach these to the basic bracelet, and get this beautiful and meaningful jewelry. Those little pendants, all of them mean something special to the owner.

Whether you have: horoscope signs, wedding bells, birds, or even family portraits it does suggest a lot about your personality.

You might think that wearing these is only a trend or superstition but Persians and Assyrians knew that it is way more than that. It’s real magic even if you get one for less than $10.

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