If we were to name one brand that stays away from conventional, cookie cutter designs, the Vivienne Westwood brand would certainly come to mind. A compelling vision sustained by a myriad of fascinating elements can be easily noticed in the latest collection released by the high-end label.

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, key holders and cuffs are all part of the spring summer 2011 collection. The label’s symbol is used extensively in several pieces. Used simply, in a variety of forms or with various added details, the well known symbol is used on various necklace pendants or even earrings and necklace sets.

There are several small details that add complexity and interest to the pieces presented. The designs are well balanced being versatile and classy enough to be suitable for a variety of occasions. The necklaces tend to be a wonderful choice for those who prefer classy jewelry pieces that are rather discreet, yet that do not go unnoticed. Thanks to the careful selection of details and to the placement of these details, the pieces can add a pronounced individual touch to any outfit, without necessarily becoming a focal point.

Aside from necklaces, the spring summer 2011 collection also features a series of interesting and very diverse items. A noticeable difference, if we are to compare necklaces with other types of accessories is that while necklaces are created in a classic manner with a series of contemporary accents, the vision for the rest of the accessories included in the collection is much broader. A higher emphasis is placed on color and glamor and, as a result, the accessories are more eye popping yet just as fabulous.

A diversification in terms of motifs can be easily noticed. Skull earrings, for example, are a wonderful expression of the punk style that has become a sort of trademark for the designer. The safety pin symbol is also an expression of the same style influence. The Teddy bear, another symbol used by the designer, is an interesting concept that exudes youthfulness and that might appeal to those who have a relaxed attitude towards fashion. The mixture between feminine touches and harsher, punk inspired details is one of the distinctive touches that makes this jewelry collection so appealing and exciting.

Photo courtesy of Vivienne Westwood