The Victoria’s Secret fashion shows are internationally known as they are exciting, sexy, glamorous as well as original, characteristics which have guaranteed Victoria’s Secret a supremacy when it comes to lingerie designs.

The Victoria’s Secret 2010 fashion show featured amazing fashion pieces accessorized with the all so renowned wings which Victoria’s Secret is planning to use in its marketing strategy on Facebook.

Victoria’s Secret wings marketing strategy on Facebook will enable VS to promote even further the Angel wings featured on the catwalks, which have become emblematic for the Victoria’s Secret brand. The Angel wings have been worn by so many celebrity models such as angels Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima and many more others, and now the wings will be displayed so everyone can admire them and more; take pictures with them.

Victorias Secret Model Victorias Secret Model Rosie Victoria

It seems that Victoria’s Secret wings marketing strategy on Facebook will enable women to take pictures with 9 vintage Angel Wings displayed near the brand’s Soho store on Broadway between November 19 and 30. The wings will be displayed in a manner to allow women to take a picture with them and the pictures will be after uploaded on the Victoria’s Secret Facebook page, in a section of the album called “WINGS! NYC”.

The photos taken with the Angel wings will be submitted in tow ways: via MMS (multimedia text message from your phone) to the number 26435 (Angel) or via e-mail to an email address yet to be revealed. The photos will be uploaded on the Victoria’s Secret Facebook page after being reviewed and approved first, after which people will be able to search their photo and tag themselves so friends will be able to see the lovely Angel winged picture showed on the Facebook wall and download it.

It seems that Victoria’s Secret currently has about 9.2 million fans on Facebook and this will probably help them achieve even more fans. We love Victoria’s Secret fashion items and we can’t wait to see the multitude of gorgeous women taking pictures with their favorite Angel wings on Facebook!

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Victoria 2010 Victorias Secret Fashion Show

Source: Photos © Getty Images