Find out what to wear, what to avoid and how to match your outfit with your jewels.

Many ladies are concerned about how to mix and match their accessories, because the accessories play an important role when it comes to define an outfit. The most important accessories are the jewels of course. Getting a few trendy jewels won’t make you fashionable, but arranging them with a good taste will definitely give you an exquisite appearance.

It is out in the open that this year, the silver and the less precious materials are much sought after when it comes to acquiring some pieces of jewelry. So, plastic, ceramics, brass, wood are all very fashionable materials. The natural materials are very in, so you might get some hippie wooden bangles or some super sized earrings made of clay.

All these will look great with the color trends of the season. You may also opt for a few plastic accessories. The engraved brass may also look chic; choose some floral engravings, or some Indian influence patterns and they will totally subscribe to the present fashion requirements. Plastic looks good if it is colorful, so you might get some super colored bangles, or several bangles in different colors that you can mix and match whenever you feel in a funky and playful mood. Plus, plastic is a very inexpensive material, so your investment in some pieces will be minimal.

Size is also important, no matter what else you might think. The size of jewels, this is what we are talking about here. The jewels must be oversized actually, 2008 trends dictates it. So, get your huge rings, big bangles, noticeable earrings, and super sized necklaces. However, you will have to pay attention not to breach the fashion rules: the oversized jewels are excellent and very hot this year, just make sure you don’t exaggerate by getting all your jewels in a maxi size all at once. So, when you get out, get only one or two oversized accessories tops, otherwise you will be ridiculous and will spoil the effect of your precious accessories. Consequently, bear in mind: don’t take more than two big jewels at once. Wear them in turns and you will be all right in 2008.

And it also looks that 2009 will still continue this oversized jewelry trend, so make an investment in some big pieces.