It is not unusual when we expose our clothes to several harmful factors. The heat, warm water, inappropriate maintenance can all lead to disasters and the damaging of different materials. The best way to avoid these unfortunate events is to take extra-care of how we wash, dry and keep our clothes.

Some might devote more time to organizing their wardrobe some less, however it is general tendency to ditch out deteriorated clothes on the spot. These tips might still help you in saving some pieces of your wardrobe giving them the proper condition.

Shrunken Clothes

Giving back the initial shape to your shrunken clothes is not impossible. It is worth trying this useful trick to find out whether the material of the clothes react desirably to the following treatment.

The buzzword when repairing your spoiled clothes is hair conditioner. As simple as that, you have to pour 2-3 tbs of hair conditioner into a large bowl of water. There’s no need to warm it up, make it room temperature.

Place the t-shirt or sweater or top into the water than leave it there for 5 minutes. Then finally put it on a neat and fine towel.

Then comes the stretching step, next you’ll have to reshape the fibers by gradually pulling them. As you achieve the desired length or wideness you might consider leaving it dry naturally.

Baby shampoo works just as good, due to the gentle quality it will immediately smooth the fibers making the stretching process easier and more effective. Proceed the similar way to the hair conditioner trick for the proper results.

Grease Stains

Oily stains can cause real damages to your clothes. Since these belong to the most severe ones these must be eliminated immediately after the material gets in contact with them.

That’s why it is useful to use the closest dish washing solution at hand and rub a few drops into the material.This proves to be the best solution to wash out the grease stain and still protect the clothes from further damages. After leaving the liquid to have its effect, it is recommended to wash the shirt or dress as usual. Use warm water to get rid of the stains. Last but not least leave the clothes dry naturally so the spot can disappear.

Moreover you can try to use Cola to get rid of grease spots. Use it by selecting your laundry and placing it into the washer. Now pour the six-pack of beverage into it after adding the necessary amount of water. Let the machine work regularly then leave it on while you can remove the clothes from the appliance. Finally you’ll notice that all the oily stains are gone.

Fix a Stuck Zipper

Zippers besides being apparently really resistant can cause you many headaches. Indeed these smart inventions seem to stop working in the worst moment. However there are several quick remedies to spare you from these unfortunate experience.

If the zipper is closed and it just won’t come down you can use a bar of soap to apply it to the teeth. This will ease the stuck and will help you in gradually pulling it down. Try to move it back and forth until it loosens and works properly. This tiny trick will immediately ease your job. Hand lotion poured on the critical spot might work just as fabulously.

Wax can also have the same effect. Use a candle to pour some of it on the stuck zipper, this will offer a protective layer to the appliance this way easing the sliding process. Some might claim that this trick is even better than the soap one, since the wax will provide the zipper with a coating that will guarantee its effect for a longer period. Experiment with it so you can decide which one is the best.