Not all people completely understand the truest form of design and the vision behind any concept. But Jinyoung Jo, a car designer in South Korea, surely did it. He designed this concept car and he named it Fiole (French for vial).

Being a concept car, the Chanel Fiole isn’t meant to be practical or functional, but it surely stands for luxury, fashionable attitude and style. The car is branded with a crystal encrusted double-C logo at the front and on the rims of the wheels.

In keeping the Chanel essence alive this concept car is designed in Black and White. And of course, as it involves fashion, features inside, besides the four seats, plenty of Chanel shopping bags.

A true solid idea is born the moment when aesthetics meat a proper concept, a true solid idea is born.

This might be the case of this Chanel Fiole concept car, if someone (like Lagerfeld) took initiative and gets one made for a Chanel fashion show.

Chanel Concept CarChanel Concept