One of the best things in fashion is the transition of certain fashion trends and in 2011 we can observe a variety of old fashion trends which have made a huge comeback, but in a more modern manner. One of the hottest comebacks is the 2011 accessories trend: the belt purse.

This is actually a more modern vision of the fanny pack, which has has been a huge hit back in the 80’s. The fanny pack became a no-no in the contemporary days, but it seems that fashion designers have reinvented it.

The new accessory trend comes to help women boost their style as belts are a must have accessory in 2011. You could say that the belt purse is actually a 2 in 1 product, a belt and a bag which can amazingly transform the look of your outfit, taking it from simple to fabulously-chic in seconds. Just like any other bags, the designs and colors vary from hippie to modern, from monochrome to multi-toned, and this means you can definitely find a perfect match for your wardrobe.

This type of modern bag matches perfectly different fashion styles which have been featured in the 2011 fashion presentations, so you will definitely be able to wear the belt bag regardless of your style. Wear these stylish and trendy accessories with dresses, shorts, skirts, trousers, you name it, as the possibilities are endless. This way you’ll instantly update your look and bring your entire outfit to the new standards which promote chicness and individuality.

Wear the belt bag higher on the waist and sideways, wear it simple or with other belts as well for a more powerful and sophisticated look or wear the bag lower, on your hips for a more powerful, laid back look.

The proper way to go when searching for a stylish belt bag is deluxe, so select a leather belt purse if you want your look to exude style and elegance. Leather is a synonym not only for luxury, but also for durability, so you’ll definitely gain more on the long-run.

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