Jewelry has been the proud and joy of women since ancient times when they would suggest someone’s social status, but nowadays, these accessories have become a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. One of the fashion collections which can bring you in touch with the beauty and style of hand crafted jewelry is Thar’s spring 2011 jewelry collection, titled A Peace Treaty.

The collection was aimed to reintroduce the beauty of hand crafted jewelry designs inspired by different cultures in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa into the contemporary world, in which everything seems to be automated. Nothing can compare with the beauty of ancient hand crafted jewelry, so Farah Malik and Dana Arbib have joined forces to try and maintain these ancient jewelry hand-crafting techniques. Their love for fashion and cultural diversity has helped them create amazing jewelry designs including the Thar spring 2011 A Peace Treaty jewelry collection.

The Thar spring 2011 A Peace Treaty jewelry collection presents gorgeous hand crafted jewelry pieces which feature an antique finish together with the amazing techniques which have been used to create the piece. These designs have been created using the help of employed desert artisan families from the Rajasthan sand dunes.

These gold plated brass pieces are a magnet when it comes to attention and can easily combine luxury, style and ancient tradition to help you achieve that stylish look that suits you perfectly. The designs include carved and engraved pieces, protective rings and amulets with hidden openings just for your delight. From earrings to fabulous hand made necklaces, all the designs look absolutely fabulous and can be a perfect option for different occasions, whether casual or more formal.

The prices for the Thar spring 2011 jewelry collection vary depending on design, from $50 for stud earrings with cuff chain to $320 for a set of 3 handmade gold plated bangles, but they are definitely worth each and every cent.

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