Swarovski is most definitely a name which almost everyone recognizes as these crystals, the Swarovski crystals have been a huge success. Women have always been attracted towards jewelry designs which exude luxury and these crystals manage to do so completely. The Swarovski spring 2011 jewelry collection is absolutely fabulous, the designs underlining the beauty of these crystals and the style of the collection. There are a variety of jewelry styles featured in the new spring summer 2011 collection and this allows women with different styles and preferences to select a jewelry piece which suits them perfectly.

Accessories have a major role when it comes to fashion and style so their importance should not be overlooked. There are a variety of jewelry styles available and it seems that the Swarovski 2011 spring collection has designed vintage as well as more modern jewelry styles just so women can adapt the jewelry to the fashion style.

Earrings represent femininity, beauty and style, this are the reasons why women don’t fear to invest in multiple earrings styles. The earrings featured by Swarovski for the new season are fabulous. The more modern designs feature multiple colored swarovski crystals which dangle beautifully as well as hummingbird neutral colored, silver and beige crystal embellished earrings. The pair of earrings which however manages to capture attention like a magnet is a vintage style pair of earrings featuring red as well as light green and white swarovski crystals. These earrings can bring the “life” back into your outfit so don’t hesitate to select the pair that has your style written all over!

We all love rings and there are so many rings styles available to choose from. The new designs proposed by Swarovski are fabulous are exude glamor. A multitude or colored swarovski crystals decorate and create the lovely look of the rings, and the colors blend in beautifully. Warm colors such as pink, lavender, red, burgundy, green, purple, yellow, light blue and clear crystals are used and combined ins perfect manner. These rings will definitely add more glamor and warmth to your outfits so give them a try!

When it comes to jewelry, especially necklace designs the sky is the limit so no wonder the new designs featured for the 2011 spring season vary widely. From oversized designs to simple swarovsky pendant necklaces, anything goes and they all look fabulous. It is absolutely divine how the beauty of some dazzling colored pearls can be enhanced by decorating the pearls using small colored swarovski crystals. Whether simple or complicated, the necklaces look outstanding and can definitely become the centerpiece of your outfit so select the one you love and shine wearing it!

Photos by Thierry Chomel via wwd.com