If you have decided to buy a pair of sunglasses, you should first find out what face shape you have. Then, you can start to look for those that flatter you the most and match with your taste. It’s important to know also what style you have as the sunglasses must be in harmony with your entire look. Moreover, think of your skin complexion, and purchase good quality sunglasses that protect your eyes against sun rays.

Oval face

Consider yourself a very lucky person as this is considered as being the perfect one. It is characterized by an equal distance from the hairline to the eyebrow, from the eyebrows to the tip of the chin. Chin tends to be narrower than the forehead, while the cheeks are high.

This balance allows you to choose any type of sunglasses you want. If you have short hair and oval face, choose rectangular or square, and transparent or matte colored sunglasses. On the other hand, if you have long hair go for oversized sunglasses, or aviators. As for the colors, try the more classic ones such as black, silver, and even white. Avoid too large frames.

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Round face

A round face can be described as being wider, fuller in the cheek area and having wide, short forehead and jaw, and a short, well rounded chin. Therefore, people having a round face should opt for angular and geometric sunglasses in order to sharpen their round features. If you have short hair, choose structured sunglasses that define well the eye contour, and temperate colors in order to avoid emphasizing the roundness of your face. If you have long hair, rectangular sunglasses will work great as they will make your face look thinner and longer.

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Square face

A square face is characterized by a broad forehead, square chin and a wide, angular jaw. As you need to soften angles and create the illusion that the forehead and the jaw line are narrower, the perfect sunglasses are the round or oval ones. For short hair, you can choose the oversized ones, while for a long hair, butterfly shaped sunglasses, wider on the sides flatter you the most. As for the color, you can choose black and even pastels. Try to avoid square shaped sunglasses and geometric ones that will only emphasize the angles of your face.

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Finding the right sunglasses for a heart shaped face can be a tricky business. This type of face is characterized by a broad forehead, wide cheek bones, and narrow chin. Therefore, it is important to try different shapes and styles of sunglasses in order to find the ones that flatter your facial features. Choose sunglasses with frames that have rounded upper corners as these will soften the forehead.

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