There was no diet or exercise that could help you get rid of your apparently too big hips. Then why not experiment with something else, the world of fashion might still have a surprise for your. If you skim through these tips you’ll be able to learn how to camouflage your beauty flaws. The outfits meant to bring out the best of your look will successfully shift the attention to your best traits.


The buzzword is upper body in this case. The best tip of great stylists is to make the best of your upper torso. Halter or strapless styles are the most flattering for your hips. Exposing your shoulders can crown your outfit. A slim upper torso can always make up for wider hips, don’t forget.

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Floaty dresses and that are slightly tighter around your waist or bust are all doing miracles with your outfit. Patterns and other tiny details on the upper part of the dress are top notch accessories of a flattering dress. Avoid dresses that are too tight on your hip area.


If your are not satisfied with the size of your hips it’s time to change your style and embed some tricks into your daily style. Pants can either dress down your image or do a huge favor for your look. If you are the owner of some ultra-feminine curves the best way to flatter them is to wear flat-front pants. Also make sure that these are straight legged. These will create the illusion of slim hips and nice slender legs.

Furthermore keep away of side-pockets, to maintain the overall polished look choose pants that are below the waist. Pockets can play an essential role when dressing up your look. Be careful also to avoid purchasing pants that have tiny pockets in the back. These will apparently lose themselves in your body and will contrast the wide hips.

The lower and not extremely low pants will slim your hips immediately. Boot-cut legs works just as amazingly. High-waisted trousers should leave your wardrobe on the spot. These will place your hips in the spotlight further enhancing the wideness. Masking this body part is the secret to success. Also opt for darker colored jeans, as these are the best jeans for your body type.


There are several factors that can influence your look when it comes of skirts. These pieces are extremely risky when they are meant to mask wide hips. A-line skirts can be your best friends, opt for them regardless of length. This type of skirt will easily blend your hips into your overall look gently covering the critical spots.

Knee-length is the ideal design for your body type. Select skirts that are not too floaty to prevent the enlarging effect. However make sure you stay on the limit, too tight on the other hand are also tricky, stick to slightly breezy ones. Pencil skirts as well as tapered skirts and the plague.