Stella McCartney juxtaposed fashion with eco-friendliness in her latest eye wear collection, so browse through the designer's uber-fashionable sunglasses as they are the ultimate accessories in fashion!

Fashion has always been about creativity and fining new ways to underline beauty and style, an art form that is all about self expression, so no wonder that fashion designers are trying to outdo themselves every season by bringing something new to the fashion scene with every design. Sunglasses are one of the ultimate fashion must-haves and if you're looking for one of the brands that sparked a high level of excitement with its 2012 sunglasses collection, stop at Stella McCartney as the designer chose to overlap vintage styles with eco-friendly fabrics that deliver statement results while being nature conscious.

This year vintage inspired elements have been quite popular on the podiums as the high visual impact of vintage details that have been revamped to suit the modern woman is incomparable to other styles. The oh-so-popular fashion designer is known for her relatively simplistic approach to fashion, but for the new season the designer chose to kick statement patterns into high gear as the eyewear collection features statement frames and pretty oriental influenced prints that cannot be overlooked.

Stella McCartney Cat Eye Sunglasses 2012

Stella McCartney Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses($225)

Stella McCartney Sunglasses 2012 Collection

Stella McCartney Round Sunglasses($225)
Stella McCartney Rounded Sunglasses($225)
Stella McCartney Oversized Round Sunglasses($225)
Stella McCartney Oversized Teardrop Sunglasses($225)

Eye protection is definitely not something you want to overlook, so why not protect your eyes in style?! Sunglasses have an amazing styling power, so no wonder that fashion enthusiasts are willing to spend hundreds on a pair of sunnies that will make them look and feel unique. This seems to be the aim of Stella McCartney's latest sunglasses collection, as the statement, round and square frames have a certain 'je ne sais quoi' that makes heads turn. For the divas that dress to impress, the designer put together a fab selection of supersize round frame sunglasses featuring blue or burgundy colored print, while for the ladies that want to keep things relatively simple, but still be in the center of attention, the designer created the square, vintage style oversized sunglases that feature a two tone coloration that makes the frames look unique.

The sustainable philosophy of the brand is underlined through the use of plastic derived from natural resources, meaning you'll be able to care for nature while looking stylish, so dare to explore the fabulous collection and pick the statement sunglasses that suit your personality and face shape best, so you can ooze confidence and style without too much effort!

Stella McCartney Sunglasses 2012

Stella McCartney Aviator Sunglasses($250)
Stella McCartney Square Sunglasses($250)
Stella McCartney Rounded Sunglasses($225)
Stella McCartney Ultrathin Round Sunglasses($225)