A reminiscence of the 70s, turbans are without a doubt a type of fashion accessory that cannot go unnoticed, offering you the opportunity step out of your comfort zone and to try something a little different from what you might be used to.

While this type of headwerar has been in and out of fashion for some time now, for the following season, collections like Issa, Andrew Gn, Jason Wu or Giorgio Armani offer a variety of interesting options that are simply too interesting to be neglected. Being versatile and interesting this type of accessory offers you the chance to make a unique fashion statement, adding a vintage allure to any outfit.

While it can be quite common to associate turbans with a casual outfits, the latest fashion trends really encourage us to let go of inhibitions and to go even bolder. Many of the outfits that were made more interesting with the help of turbans are more formal than we might think.

The strong contrast between the feminine details such as flowing fabrics and lace details or even floral prints and the boldness of the turbans could be noticed in different collections, being a conclusive proof that with the right dose of courage and creativity, this accessory can contribute to a very modern look.

IssaGiorgio ArmaniGiorgio ArmaniIssa

If some of these styles are a little too strong for your taste, there are also a few variations that can be made to be able to get a more versatile and a more romantic look at the same time. Classic yet very fashionable variations like the ones spotted at Andrew Gn and Jason Wu are a great choice for women who are interesting in having a practical hair accessory that can help them create a more original look.

Because certain ways to wear turbans can create a somewhat masculine touch it is recommendable to choose a variety of different feminine elements to create a more balanced look that truly demonstrates your wonderful sense of style as well as your advanced abilities when it comes to making savvy fashion choices. Another important aspect you should consider if you opt for this daring trend is that your facial will be completely exposed, so choosing a beautiful makeup style to highlight your features is without a doubt one of the main thing you should ta into account if you want to look your best.

If this trend seems a little to drastic to be adapted in a similar manner with the ones presented above, you can also adopt this trend in a different way, to be able to experiment with something different while still staying in your comfort zone. In the Vena Cava collection, the size of the turban is greatly reduced compared to other collections to the point that almost appears to be a thicker headband. Nonetheless, the style as well as the choice in color as well as the style contribute to a classy overall look.

Vena CavaJason WuAndrew GnJohn Galliano

Although this trend has a distinguishable vintage allure, many women who prefer a more romantic style might feel a little intimated by this trend and might decide that this type of trend is not appealing to them. However, since this trend can be quite versatile if used creatively, making a more feminine version can be quite simple. John Galliano offers a more romantic version of this type of trend allowing us to see the multiple choices we can have if we decide to embrace this trend.

Since this look can be easily adopted by using one of your favorite scarfs in a different way, this trend can be the perfect choice if you want to make a bold fashion statement in the following season and you still want something versatile that you’ll be able to use for seasons to come. Whether you choose a solid dark color to get the look or you decide to use a printed turban for a complete fashion statement, this simple style adjustment will sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Photos via elle.com