It’s never too early to begin looking for special touches that will give your outfits a fresh vibe, especially when it comes to pieces that are not necessarily season-specific like jewelry. These accessories are great for drawing attention to the upper body part and making sure you carefully direct your attention to the areas you want. Channeling the boho meets native American allure, the Spell brand aims to wow us and bring a new perspective to the new season attire options.

A significant part of the lookbook focuses on creating a cozy, comfortable look. Knitwear is the perfect option for achieving this goal and the feminine aspect which continues to define trends over and over again is reflected by a simple dress worn with confidence and a carefree attitude. Subtlety with a twist can be extremely rewarding and the simple printed dress can be a perfect way to highlight this style perspective.

Despite the strong focus on the overall image which is heavily promoted in the beginning, the real stars are the jewelry pieces promoted. Fabulous bracelets, a multitude of statement rings depicting varied symbols and the contrast between different tones and textures make all the new season alternatives worth exploring. Variety is the buzzword of the upcoming months and classy combos which together highlight a theme are definitely a good approach for this goal.

Rather than going for overall complexity, the brand uses a single bigger symbol which, along with other different symbols create an instant statement and reveal a careful approach when accessorizing. Complex? Definitely. Overly conspicuous? Not if the combos are adapted to one’s tastes and the main elements of the theme are extremely similar. Inject a little fun into the new season looks with a few beautiful pieces from the newest Spell collection.

Photo courtesy of Spell Designs