Lend your wardrobe a high street vibe by purchasing a set of chic and comfy accessories. The Santa Lolla spring 2011 lookbook is intriguing, impressive and will definitely set you on the right track of adapting to the newest fashion trends Welcome the eclectic style trend with open arms and use your talent to fuse the different bags and matching footwear designs into a complex and inspiring outfit.

Santa Lolla is one of the beloved brands to look for if you’re ready to make the big step and say goodbye to ordinary fashion items. The color palette used here reflects the diversity promoted by the multitude of collections this fashion house launched throughout the seasons. Classy tailoring designs and sophisticated fabric use give this accessory parade its high street credentials. Pamper your feet with platforms and emphasize your best assets adding some definition to your silhouette. The versatile shoulder-bags and handbag designs will also add a color splash to your overall ensemble.

Texture and shades are the style buzz terms this season. Therefore, most of the mass-appealing brands decided to go with the flow and give the fashion pack all the fashion items it longs for. Using your accessorizing talent you can build up the most impressive looks of the moment. Santa Lolla will help you widen your style perspectives and start a new chapter in your life which is more colorful and versatile than ever. Take a glimpse at these ultra-stylish wedges and platforms that serve as the best means to add some length to your figure.

Wear these comfy and dazzling footwear designs pierced in different outfits. Studded platforms echo the hottest runway accessory trends. Show off your walking skills with these super-suave shoes. Girly looks can be easily complemented with the stylish handbags decorated with oh-so-fab chain straps and a front flap along with other stylish details. Choose the perfect size and design of your staples and allow them to mirror your style-awareness all throughout the season.

Let the breezy spirit of the warm days influence your outfit selection. Feel free to embrace body-conscious and delicate apparel alternatives. Give your wardrobe a summer-over with this glam lookbook that furnishes you with graphic and jazzy bags and shoes to crown your outfits. It’s all about capturing the attention of your co-fashionistas to your inspiring look. Do this with subtle elegance and style. Steal some precious accessorizing hints from the fab Santa Lolla spring collection and add your signature style stamp to your new season outfits.

Image courtesy of Santa Lolla