The new generation accessory designers seem to fuel a reluctance towards the futuristic trends and instead turn to the fail-safe prints and patterns echoed by the style tendencies of the past era. The following retro-chic sunglasses trends 2011 will provide you with big ticket details to complement your A-list apparels. Select your favorite design, color and shape to make sure you wear sunglasses that make the best of your features and charisma. Explore the endless benefits of a properly equipped accessory kit and make sure you stay versed with the up-and-coming trends to know your options both when it comes to casual as well as formal wear.

Oversized Sunglasses

The supremacy or oversized sunglasses is unquestionable. Those who dropped a closer glimpse to the warm season trends will be aware of the importance of owing a similar pair of sunnies. The retro-chic effect you can give your appearance is indeed a must have accessory that protects you from any style blunders. Raid the stores for the XXL sunglasses designs either with a mono-chromatic or printed frame. Choose the style that meets your expectations when it comes to building up an A-list outfit regardless of the event your were preparing for. These examples will provide you with the best source of inspiration for your next dazzling makeover.

Printed Sunglasses

Prints can do magic with your appearance. This fact is valid both for the style ensembles as well as accessories. Discover the youthful and dapper groove these printed sunglasses can give to your spring or summer outfits. Pair them with an equally colorful apparel or keep things more simple by teaming up the colorful accessories with mono-chromatic looks. There are hardly any limits when it comes to the pattern array, therefore make sure you have at least a few pairs of these sunglasses at hand to arm up your look with the most sought-after accessories of the moment. Check out these high street designs decorated with animal and more abstract prints too.

Other Retro-Chic Sunglasses

The unique shapes and shades make these sunglasses so impressive and inspiring. Therefore make sure you discover the glam effect keyhole as well as cat eye sunglasses can provide your look with. The retro-chic designs flooded the runway as more and more designers were keen to fuse some modern chic with the old time glamor these accessories could radiate. Let the multitude of sunglasses designs inspire you and prepare you for the arrival of the sunny weather. Remember protection is of key importance, still you should also maintain your spotless fashionista reputation.

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