Looking for the perfect accessories that will spice up your outfits without being overly flashy or coming off as excessive? Then the new Langoliers jewelry lookbook might just prove the right source of style insight for you. Browse through the new offerings and pick out the best pieces.

The instinct of adorning ourselves is one of the oldest out there and for good reason: the right choice accessories-wise can speak volumes as far as our style personality is concerned, can help us liven up even the simplest outfits and, even more importantly can make us feel spectacular with only a few seconds of actual effort once we picked out the options that most suit us. If finding the right accessory is still a problem, a quick browse through the newest Red by Langoliers jewelry collection is indeed highly recommended and might even prove the quickest solution needed.

Why? Simply because the newest offerings of the New York based brand are the perfect blend of gorgeous, simple pieces for the conservative accessorizer and more eye-popping options ready to fulfill the desires of those who wish to steal the spotlight and become the center of attention wherever they go. Whether you are in the quest for the perfect rings, a fab set of earrings, instantly memorable necklaces and everything in between, there are plenty of pieces ready to become your new style crush.

Designers Pamela Liou and Zon Chu put those ultra classy yet rad geometrical influences to work and the results really manage to speak for themselves. Contrasts between textures and fabrics is a key element that instantly heightens the overall appeal of both the pieces and the combos and that makes every look appear daring and bold without feeling excessive in any way. So, if the pieces first grab our attention, the delightful style choices really spark the most interest.

Black and gold combos are the perfect example of sophistication and trendiness being the perfect way to make a fun casual outfit just a little more complex. Still, statement rings, fun bangles, long earrings or simple round ones or pieces with several intricate details paired correctly can prove the perfect alternative to look like your best self this season.

Photo courtesy of Langoliers