The Rachel Zoe empire is rapidly expanding and a new project is aiming to steal the spotlight. The label is venturing in the jewelry design niche with the first collection which features quite a lot of interesting alternatives. The new options have a strong vintage inspiration from various decades. Influenced by the 20s, the 60s and even the 80s, the new designs have a highly luxurious allure and have been launched exclusively at Neiman Marcus stores where the pieces will be sold until spring 2013.

As the fashionista herself admits, the line was never meant to be subtle: “I’ve never been subtle.” Rachel explained that she tried creating pieces that would dramatically improve one’s look: “People want fun things that they can wear with jeans and a t-shirt and make their look that much better, which is why each piece has a lot to it,” she stated proving that she knows the current needs of her fans and does her best to fulfill her customers’ needs.

Still, even though the pieces are not meant to be worn exclusively at formal events, they sure have a red carpet ready allure associated to them. With a variety of sophisticated touches, with a lot of intricate touches, a strong and clear style perspective, the pieces that range from earrings to rings, bracelets, necklaces or cuffs can definitely turn heads instantly. Rachel told LA Times how the process of creation unfolded: “I feel like I have been designing this collection for the last 20 years,” Zoe confessed. “I sketched and drew a lot of inspiration from my archives. And my research involved a lot of trial and error. After the first prototypes, I decided if I liked this or that, changed chains and stones.”

There’s no doubt that her efforts were well directed: from the long sophisticated earrings to the ultra colorful statement rings or the thick necklaces that spell opulence, the 14 carat gold, white Swarovski crystal embellished pieces are true eye-catchers, even pieces that are more on the inconspicuous side. With the elegant well placed touches yet an overall simple perspective, the label mesmerizes fashionistas once again. The pieces from the first Rachel Zoe collection have a price range between $195-$650, depending on the complexity of the desired piece.

Photo via Neiman Marcus