And as they got us used by now, a new theme is out there on the market, after the great success the House of Holland have had with its tartan of Autumn ’08, the florals of Spring ’09 or the pantone color blocking of Autumn ’09. When it comes to the recent collaboration between House of Holland and British brand Pretty Polly, we have only good news.

This new line of legwear comes in four different shades and in five different designs, all suitable to many of your outfits. From a sheer “alphabetights” motif to a cheeky pair of faux-stockings, you could have a pair of these tights at only $14, a very comfortable price, I might add. They will be available from John Lewis, Debenhams and River Island from September.

They are fun, they come in very nice colors and they are definitely eye-catching. That’s why their appearance comes in perfect timing, as nowadays trends include mixing summer outfits with tights. Especially if this means quirky designs which feature knee pad-effect prints or an alphabet.