The options to stay fabulous in the upcoming season have focused a great deal on versatility and practicality with a variety of luxurious high quality accents. However, when it comes to playful designs that really manage to put a smile on our face on the rainy days to come, the alternatives were almost non-existent. Well, this is where Prada comes in. The label isn’t afraid to change things up a bit and play up with styles for a constantly different impression.

The brand is bringing a variety of colorful items to add a few fun touches to our outfits. Bold embellishments, fun shapes or surprising vibes are always interesting and unexpected offering a break from the safe and tested. Sporting floral motifs even in fall and looking gorgeous is definitely a strong possibility thanks to the beloved designer. The fairly distinguishable retro vibes are another interesting attribute of the collection which makes them all the more lustworthy.

For shoes, we are seeing a fairly strong Mary Jane inspiration as well as a strong preference for platforms. Chunky heels are seen as a great alternative to less supportive styles which is why the majority of the styles are constructed with this idea in mind. With a strong focus on both color and pattern, these babies will surely steal the spotlight every time. Perhaps the strongest retro touches can be sensed for the sunglasses which are included in the fall collection which are enough to add a quirky tone to any outfit.

Still, for the slightly more conservative among shoppers, the label also features monochrome designs. With a bold purple or tangerine handbag on your shoulder, there’s no need to work too hard on sporting complex outfits to steal the spotlight. Such items can easily do it for you. Embellished dark toned handbags are another interesting alternative for those looking for a middle ground between the simple and the overly conspicuous. Straying from the norm once in a while can definitely prove a lovely idea and the newest accessories collection is one of the best examples in this regard.

Photo courtesy of Prada