Trends and habits change, so it is natural to follow them consciously, however these new waves generated new myths. Some are popular some might have faded into oblivion. Read these popular underwear myths, you might recognize some that you’ve already heard.

No.1 Sleeping in underwear is unhealthy

Some people, especially comfort junkies might spread this myth that circulates among the great public. Scaring away tons of people from wearing underwear throughout the night. However there’s no proof for this idea. In fact this is a matter of choice, as might feel uncomfortable not wearing it when sleeping.

High quality underwear will let your sensitive skin breathe, polyester on the other hand can be harmful.

It is highly recommended to wear cotton undies in order to stay healthy. The rest depends on your preferences.

No.2 Thongs can cause infections

Similarly to the earlier myth, there is no acknowledged evidence for this. Professionals claim that some people might be more prone to infections, and not because of thongs. For them wearing a polyester thong might be dangerous. However cotton lingerie can rarely cause these troubles.

Choose your underwear carefully, a gentle and high quality material as silk and cotton won’t do any harm. If you think that thongs fit you best, wear them, it’s your choice.

No.3 Always wear white underwear under white clothes

It is clearly a false hearsay! Think about it: white and bright bras or panties will only pop out more under white shirts or pants. Your skin color is naturally darker than white underwear. That’s why you should opt for beige or nude tones that are close to your skin color.

No.4 The looser the bra the better

A big NO! Don’t think of bras as you think of usual underwear. The role of these is to offer support and comfort. There are different sizes in order to provide you with the best fitting bra. A proper bra, won’t move and will protect your skin from friction. It’s a well-known fact that irritation is caused by the wear of inappropriate size and bra-types.

Especially ladies with generous bosoms should carefully choose their bras. To maintain your breasts health and firmness throw out loose bras. You’ll look and feel better wearing well-fitted underwear.