When chosen right jewelry can have an astounding effect over our entire appearance making us stand out. If you are looking for sophistication, luxury and classic designs with a modern twist the Payal Pittie 2011 jewelry collection is definitely one that is worth checking out as it is awe inspiring.

The role that jewelry plays in highlighting our features and adding a distinctive touch to our outfits is incontestable. Whether we are talking about simple delicate accessories that highlight our features in a discreet way or we opt for more sophisticated and luxurious items that instantly become the main focal point, jewelry has always been a powerful seduction weapon as well as a form of self expression.

The Payal Pittie 2011 jewelry collection is undoubtedly one that addresses women who like sophistication and luxury and who are not afraid to embrace a bold look. The sophisticated allure of the collection is noticeable in every single piece as it combines fabulous exotic elements with classic ones to create versatile pieces that can appeal to women of all ages through their elegance.

Payal Pittie 2011 Jewelry Collection Payal Pittie 2011 Jewelry Collection

Unlike classic jewelry which tend to be relatively conservative when it comes to the color palette the Payal Pittie collection is certainly not eager to embrace a similar attitude.
With various gold and silver tones surprising combinations the collection certainly goes a long way in terms of proving that mixing metalic shades is a completely acceptable and even recommendable fashion standard when done properly. The vibrant shades used for some of the defining elements of each pieces manage to bring a distinguishable modern touch that adds interest to the collection.

If we are to take a look at the motifs used for the collection we are undoubtedly pleasantly surprised by the visionary attitude of the designer. The motifs chosen manage to appeal both to those who have a romantic attitude towards fashion through the floral and leafs symbols as well as those who are more inclined towards classicism by using perfectly defined geometric symbols and ensuring harmony due to the symmetry principle.

Payal Pittie 2011 Jewelry Collection Payal Pittie 2011 Jewelry Collection

From delicate yet luxurious earrings to daring rings and bracelets or signature necklaces each piece impresses the viewer in a distinct way. Feminine yet having the potential to create a strong impression when used creatively the pieces of the collection are definitely a wise fashion investment for those who like to adorn themselves and enjoy the luxury these pieces radiate.

Payal Pittie 2011 Jewelry Collection Payal Pittie 2011 Jewelry Collection

Photos courtesy of payalpittie.com