It seems that Pamela Love, the American jewelry designer has managed to pleasantly surprise her fans with a lovely jewelry collection created for the spring 2011 season. Pamela Love is known for her incredibly stylish and unique jewelry designs, each design exuding a great amount of sexiness and power.

Jewelry plays a very important role when it comes to fashion and style and although they seem like a small detail, they have the power to absolutely transform the look of an outfit, taking it from simple to fabulous instantly if the right choice is made. The opposite goes as well so if you make the wrong choices you might end-up a fashion disaster.

Pamela Love Spring 2011 Jewelry Collection Pamela Love Spring 2011 Jewelry Collection

The wardrobe-chic enhancements signed Pamela Love look absolutely stunning and have a very basic, raw style which wake up your primary instincts and make you fall in love with each and every design. The spring 2011 jewelry collection combines perfectly powerful details such as skulls and spikes with softer, more feminine details such as vintage style bold metallic cuffs and rings. The combo is a perfect match for fashion lovers who want to underline their fashion style through statement jewelry.

Not everyone seems to know how to wear statement jewelry so this is why it is important to have a matching personality and a passion for fashion. Adopting a casual laid back stylish look and underlining that casualness through fab jewelry can help you attract attention just as a magnet.

Pamela Love Spring 2011 Jewelry Collection

Tribal influences are highly visible throughout the collection and these influences were transposed into different style designs to suit women with different preferences so you can find and adapt the jewelry to your style.

From spiked earrings to disk shaped cuffs, point star bangles stylish spiked rings, all the designs attract a generous amount of attention. Ensure you don’t go overboard and select an item which will offer your look balance and style.

Pamela Love Spring 2011 Jewelry Collection

Photos courtesy of Pamela Love