There’s nothing like a unique looking piece of jewelry to make any outfit look like a masterpiece. This is true for many statement pieces and especially for Pamela Love jewelry. A single glance at the fall/winter 2012 lookbook is enough to instantly realize the potential of the pieces. A blend of influences highlight the American designer’s perspective.

The designer’s perspective is an eclectic one: ‘I like to mix polar aesthetics to create balance, and using elements of the Art Deco period felt like a perfect fit. No other artistic movement seems so flawlessly vintage and peculiarly modern at the same time. After exploding in the 1920s & 1930s and then finding a place again in graphic design in the 1980s, the shapes and patterns seem both retro chic and futuristic to me. I wanted to mix elements inspired by modern architectural landmarks like the Chrysler Building and the Paramount Theatre with similarly geometric silhouettes found in ancient religious landmarks like Ziggurats and Mesopotamian terraces”, she stated.

The focus on geometric vibes is evident through the entire collection for both formal and informal pieces. A multitude of symbols blend into breath-taking pieces: spikes, circles, diamond shaped elements, a lot of turquoise elements which bring sophistication and refinement. With French model Camille Rowe presenting the pieces, the ‘want it all right now’ sensation is easily instilled into our minds. Memorable and spectacular, these pieces are definitely a real stunner.

From statement pieces like cuffs or rights and bracelets which can double as weapons of defense to simpler designs it’s more than clear that edginess is the key concept tackled here. If you cannot help but drool over the amazing statement pieces, you can find several pieces by the beloved and ultra talented designer below Still, we’ll have to wait a little longer to get the pieces from this collection.

Photos by Skye Parrott

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