Amazing craftsmanship, luxury and amazing attention to details don’t even begin to describe all the incredible attributes of the newest jewelry collection by the Oscar de la Renta fashion house. The pieces take inspiration from the Victorian era and manage to bring the sophistication and the refinement the multitude of fast fashion collection have left behind. Luxury with an artistic vibe is the style perspective that has the ability to make even the most practical shopper feel irresistibly drawn towards the pieces.

Alluring shapes, carefully selected refined symbols, creative contrasts or, on the contrary, purism as far as the tones are concerned are two different yet undeniably appealing perspectives that cater to women from different age groups. Finding a signature piece with the potential to be passed on to future generations is not a far-fetched possibility due to the timeless allure of most pieces. Even the simplest next season outfit can be brought to the next level with one of these sophisticated pieces.

Since the fall/winter season is traditionally associated with darker tones which tend to go towards the neutral side, adding a touch of color through accessories is highly desirable and recommendable. Emerald or sapphire tones, precious yellow tones, gold and silver combos or feminine pale pinks are just a few mesmerizing options worth looking into. And, if a gorgeous pair of earrings or a classy ring simply won’t do the trick, there’s always the option of selecting an elaborate, ultra sophisticated necklace design for the ultimate fashion statement.

From complex geometric motifs to inspiration from some of the defining touches found in royalty jewelry and other similarly alluring designs, the options are more than generous and ultra covetable. A celebration of femininity with a very strong focus on refinement and sophistication is the best bet for the upcoming months in terms of jewelry designs for the high end label and raising the bar in terms of accessorizing proves a simple matter.

Photo courtesy of Oscar de la Renta