Instead of relying only on the appealing color combo as well as prints of various bathing suit trends make sure you also take into consideration your body shape. In fact the curves and lines will play an essential role in your overall look. Instead of adopting a style trend that might not flatter your silhouette go for the looks that are universal and more favorable to your particular curves and shapes. One piece bathing suits were extremely popular in the past as these camouflaged all that should have been hidden from the public.

Nowadays bikinis would take over their role and flood the market in endless patterns and shades. In the past years however it seems that one piece bathing suits managed to win some territory both in the case of average people as well as celebrities. Apparently the benefits of a similar summer must have accessory was re-invented by designers who dress their sylph-like models into cute pool ensembles. In order to find yourself the best swimsuit consider some of the one piece bathing suit tips presented below.

Consider your style purpose with the bathing suit. In this case make sure you shift the attention to your best assets. Therefore there’s no need to hide behind a closed one piece bathing suit, when you’ll find some of the most appealing designs in a cut-out version. These would still offer you the chance to flaunt some of your most attractive features and slim hips and decolletage.

Those who would like to add some length to their silhouette should consider the v-neckline which would serve as the best means to also mask a rich bosom and add some angles and lines to the whole body shape.

Choose from the more bizarre necklines as well as the less cheeky ones that would suit your personality. The tailoring as well as smaller details as the neckline would have a central importance in your look.

Eager to shift the attention to the cleavage rather than the buttocks, then you can again appeal to the trick of necklines and choose a one piece bathing suit that has a less sharp and more roundish line. In this case the emphasize will be easily drawn to the most flattering area. Also those who would like to flash the beauty of their upper body can go for the strapless designs. These besides being popular will immediately attract the admiring glimpses.

Statement shoulders can be also masked with the help of the right design of bathing suits. In this case opt for wider straps that would not only offer support for your breast but will also mute the effect of this feature. The thinner these details are the more prominent your shoulders will be. Go for the more feminine designs and flattering tones.

Cut-out bathing suits would indeed require a more slender silhouette. Therefore opt for them if you were blessed or worked hard for a slim waist and flat tummy.

Those who would like to still sport these trend should limit the peek-a-boo sections to the more appealing sections of the body. Choose the one piece bathing suit with great care especially if you picked it in order to mask some of the less flattering features of your body shape.

Dark tones are also your ally in your slimming project. However it’s not necessary to restrict your choice to black and only dark tones, instead experiment with the combos of dark and light and place the profound shades to the tummy or buttock area that might need some sculpting.

Those who are fond of the light colors will be able to skim through the endless neon and bright colored summer outfits. These when placed to the best spots will create the illusion of a perfectly proportionate body.

The boyish figure can be perfectly balanced with the minor details as ruffles, laces and other designs that are uber-popular nowadays also in the case of swimwear. Choose the looks that appeal to these accessories and make sure you wear them on the sections that might need some pumping to achieve the dreamy feminine curves.