Accessories can make a world of difference as far as style goes and designer Odelie Chan demonstrates this through her unique and atypical jewelry collections. With various sources to draw inspiration from, young designer Odelie Chan has given her Ruler jewelry collection a touch of American Indian pizzaz.

The collection which includes rings, head accessories, earrings as well as gorgeous necklaces is far from ordinary, not only through the design but also through the way the jewelry was put together. Each piece was handmade to underline originality and to give each item a distinctive character that cannot be ignored.

Bold and with plenty of personality, Odelie Chan’s Ruler collection comes to meet the needs of accessory lovers who want to own their own distinctive pieces that underline individuality and style. The highly embroidered designs featuring tiny beads as well as various contrasting accents make the delice of the collection. Exaggerated proportions, mixes of vibrant colors, asymmetry and various themes can be traced back to every design.

The Ruler collection features geometric patterns such as triangles and circles, elements which were inspired from American Indian Art, more specifically dream catchers and arrows. Amazing colors such as turquoise, royal blue, black, gold and red make the collection pop and stand out by far, so if you’re a fan of colored, unique accessories, take a peek at this amazing jewelry collection and pick your new season favorites!

Photos courtesy of Odelie Chan