The Muppets have managed to return to some of their former glory with their latest movie and it appears that their appeal has still remained extremely significant. The latest Miss Piggy for MAC makeup collection is a prime example of this idea but the collaborations doesn’t stop here. Noir Jewelry has taken the challenge and teamed up in order to bring our favorite characters closer with a collection that combines style and irresistible cuteness.

From simple necklaces with some of the main characters of the movie to more refined versions, there are several interesting alternatives to choose from. Miss Piggy, Kermit Or Animal make a special appearance in simple yet absolutely adorable necklaces that will definitely please the fans. On the other hand, those who like to embrace their girly side can adhere to the ‘pretty in pink’ philosophy.

Pearls and sparkly pink stones are the details that can serve as a style statement for those who are looking for extra versatility and elegance when selecting their jewelry. The accessories included in this special collection have prices that range from $100-$175 and are available on the official website of the brand. However, nOir Jewelry is not the only brand to celebrate the success of the movie.

The FLüD brand has undergone a similar project and offers cute limited edition watches for the holiday. Aside from being less formal, the watches are a somewhat more affordable option as they have a price range of $60-$95. Just like the jewelry collection, the products can be found on the official website of the brand.