Founded by Kylee Fauss some years ago, the brand quickly began being popular due to very special, simple yet effective technique of creating unique accessories. From old vinyl records to almost everything easy to cut with a simple pair of culinary scissors, Miss Wax’s jewelry has become so famous, that the brand even created a special line of accessories for a Hellz Bellz line.

Inspired by almost everything surrounding us, this brand is likely to constantly evolve, each time covering a whole new territory in urban culture. The charm of this brand stands in its gorgeous accessories, funny, contemporary and hand-printed.

We loved all the earrings produced under the label Miss Wax, all laser-cut, made of fiberglass or reinforced glass, featuring gold-filled hooks chain and jump rings. From all earrings, most impressive are those made for the Hellz Bellz collaboration also featuring a 14-k gold filling.

With funny names (Eat Up earrings) and very available prices, ranging from $22 to $110, Miss Wax’s jewelry includes rings, chains and earrings one should definitely try. Being fashionable, means, after all, also having fun, and with Miss Wax, fun is the actual purpose!