Mens fashion trends in accessories; stylish ideas to wear men's handbags, scarfs and hats after the newest trends of 2008.

Fashion is always favoring women, as there are twice as many items, collections or even data of fashion for women than for men. So, if you get a bit frustrated it's normal, but don't despair. Read some accessorizing tips for men for this season.

Men's fashion in 2008 has met with a turning point in the sense that finally, after some years, the handbags are sooo in for men this year. In 2008 men are also 'allowed' to wear handbags without being categorized feminine.

The most famous items are the leather handbags, and Mulberry has done a great job in being the leading designer to manufacture men's handbags. You can also check out some handbags in stores near you. The leather is a cool material for a handbag, but it may also be made of textile materials or others. The straps for the handbags are usually long, and they may go crossing the chest or simply hang on the shoulder.

Besides the handbag which can be worn by any fashion conscious man, there are also other items that may be worn to accessorize the outfit of men. For instance, the scarves are an excellent way to accessorize and give a bit of color to the entire look. You can have a plane white t-shirt on with some jeans and sneakers but throw on a cool scarf and suddenly you've elevated your look. But what kind of scarf could you wear without hurting your machismo? The scarves shouldn't be too colored and should be made of soft materials. The scarf may be tied round the neck and stuffed in the shirt, and it is better if the ends do not hang on your shirt. If you want multicolored scarves, avoid getting more than 4 colors on the scarf.

Next, a man can also accessorize with a hat, because they have come back in style. Until the 1960s the hat was a must have for the majority of men, but nowadays it has lost its meaning and less and less men wear it. However, in 2008 the hats are back and they may be worn both by men and women. Get an Italian style hat for a plus of mystery or simply go for the Chaplin style hat, which will give you the opportunity to look and be funky.

If you are thinking of lighting a cigar, get over it, smoking is so not in this season, and probably won't be for many years to come. That's all for men's accessories. However, make sure to keep away from the heavy, chunky necklaces and the visible rings; they are not stylish and that's that.